Large white commercial garage door

Garage Door Control & Monitoring

Control the garage door with ControlByWeb products either remotely with a standard web browser, or locally using the existing garage door button. You can also monitor the garage door status to view whether the door is open or closed.

Add more options by using the X-410™. This device can send email and text alerts if the door is opened outside of user-specified times. Use the Task Builder to set timers and scheduled/conditional tasks. The X-410 can also log the times the garage door is opened and closed.

Free Mobile App

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access all of your ControlByWeb devices on one central control panel.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

ControlByWeb products are stand-alone, independent devices. There are no monthly fees, and no additional software to install.


  • Remote & local garage door control
  • Monitor garage door status
  • Email/text alerts
  • Scheduling
  • Logging

Simple Garage Door Control & Monitoring

In this example, the garage door button is wired in parallel with the X-410. There is also a contact sensor on the garage door to monitor whether the door is either opened or closed. The garage door can be controlled using the existing garage door button mounted on the wall, or it can be controlled by a computer or smart phone using a standard web browser.

Garage Door Control & Monitoring with Logic

Using the X-410 is equipped with four relays, four digital inputs, and can be connected to up to 16 temperature and humidity sensors, giving you optimal control over your application.

The X-410 also comes with all the features of the 400 Series, including a Task Builder, scheduled and conditional tasks and timers, as well as logging and graphing. This comes in handy if the garage door is left open, or if the temperature is too low. Create tasks to automatically shut the door if left open too long, or schedule times for the door to shut at night. By connecting a temperature sensor, the X-410 can close the garage door if the temperature drops below a user-specified parameter.

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