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Why We Don’t Include Power Supplies?

Most ControlByWeb products are sold without a power supply. We do this to save you money.

ControlByWeb products are powered by any high-quality regulated power supply of the correct voltage. Instead of packaging our products with a power supply that you may already own, we sell them separately to keep costs as low as possible. If you don’t have the power supply you need, they can be purchased here.

If you’re unsure about what power supply you need for your product, the please read the following:

ControlByWeb modules are offered with several different power supply options. All modules indicate the supported supply voltage on the label sticker (located on the side of the unit.) See the specification section of the user’s manual to see the current required. The current usage is usually given for various voltages and various relay states in the user’s manual.

X-410 Side Label View

Industrial products that have a part number that ends with an “-I”

These products require a DC power supply within the range of 9V to 28V, and industrial control cabinets typically use 24VDC. If installed in an environment where 12V batteries are used either for primary or backup power, the ControlByWeb device could be powered directly from the batteries.

Any high-quality regulated power supply of the correct voltage is satisfactory for use by ControlByWeb products, however we offer two different power supplies for -I units.

A 12VDC (1.5A) power supply which plugs into a typical wall receptacle and world region plug adapters are available. A 24VDC (1.75A) DIN mountable power supply is also available for purchase. Both of these units accept 100VAC to 240VAC.

Recommended Power Supplies

Products that have a part number that ends with an “-E”

Many ControlByWeb products can be purchased with Power Over Ethernet (POE) functionality, the ability to be powered through an Ethernet cable. These specific modules with POE will have a model number ending in -E.

ControlByWeb POE modules are 802.3af compliant and can be used with any 802.3af compliant POE network switch, or POE injector. POE+ (802.3at) switches and injectors generally are backwards compatible with 802.3af (POE).

ControlByWeb POE modules can also be powered with a regular DC power supply. Newer designed modules can use a 9-28VDC power supply and/or POE. Older designed modules may use POE or 5VDC (not both together).

If in doubt, the information label on every module will indicate the correct power source for the unit.

(Note): 802.3af uses 48VDC. Some POE manufacturers utilize 12VDC or 24VDC for POE for use within their own equipment lineup. This 12VDC or 24VDC POE will not function with ControlByWeb modules (it is not 802.3af compliant).

(Note): POE+, 802.3at, generally is backwards compatible with 802.3af including regular POE devices and ControlByWeb POE modules. Verify with the manufacturer of the POE+ (802.3at) device that regular POE (802.3af) devices are compatible.

Recommended Power Supplies

  • Power Injector (for applications where a POE switch is not available)
  • Regulated power supply (appropriate for the unit ‐ see label sticker for details)

Product Exceptions

Please note the following products have different requirements for power supplies:

XW-110B, XW-110P, XW-111, XW-112

These modules can utilize (2) AA batteries (Alkaline recommended) and/or a 5VDC power supply with a barrel connector.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our support team.

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