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Viewing & controlling multiple products from one location

Learn how to access and control ControlByWeb modules on one control panel.

There are several options available to view inputs and monitor/control relays of several different units. The options will briefly be explained below:

OPTION 1: X-600M

The X-600M acts as a master controller for all of our products. The module can connect to each ControlByWeb product and display all of the inputs and monitor/control the relays. The display is fully customizable, allowing for a unique setup to fit most needs. The X-600M also allows for custom web pages. The 400 Series modules can also be used to monitor and control I/o on many devices from a single webpage.

This is a good solution as long as each ControlByWeb module is accessible over the network from the location of the X-600M. The X-600M can also act as the remote server that many ControlByWeb devices can connect to using the Remote Services feature.

OPTION 2: ControlByWeb Mobile app

Our free app, CBW Mobile, for Android and Apple devices offers the ability to view inputs (temperature, input sensors, etc.) and control relays from multiple devices on a central control page. The app, like the X-600M, requires network access to each ControlByWeb product being used. The network access could be a wireless access point connected to the local network, or it could be the data connection through a wireless cellular phone carrier. To watch how to setup the CBW tutorial, please see our video tutorial: Intro to CBW Mobile App.

OPTION 3: Split tabs (Firefox & Chrome)

Firefox and Chrome have add-ons that can view multiple webpages on one physical webpage. You can use this to view multiple ControlByWeb products in the same window.

OPTION 4: Custom Program

Each device may be monitored from a customer-built program. The program may show all the information you desire. More information on custom programs may be found in each product’s users manual, under the XML section.

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