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Automatically Reboot An IP Camera

Common IP Camera Problem: IP Camera Keeps Freezing

Surveillance systems need to work all of the time. When a camera freezes, it creates a security threat that puts valuable equipment at risk. It also creates a hassle and costs money to physically travel to the camera and power cycle it manually.

If you’re not consistently checking your camera, an undetected camera freeze can last for hours or days, further exposing your inventory and security equipment to theft or vandalism.

Best Solution: Automatically Monitor & Reboot IP Camera

WebRelay is a cost-effective solution to automatically monitor and reboot IP surveillance cameras. It is compatible with any IP cameras, DVR systems, etc. that can be wired to a relay contact (more information below).

Automatically Restart Cameras When:

  • They are located in hard-to-reach places
  • The video feeds cannot be monitored 24/7
  • They are in isolated locations

WebRelay Setup & Reboot Options

WebRelay is highly configurable. Using a standard web browser to access its built-in setup and control pages, you can control whatever is connected to it, such as an IP surveillance camera.

You can specify the time between ping requests, the time between unsuccessful ping requests, how many ping failures occur before rebooting the camera, and the time before the first ping is sent after the camera reboots.

Built-In Web Server – No Cloud Servers Required

WebRelay has a built-in web server and can be set up and monitored on your network using a standard web browser on a computer or smartphone. It does not require any cloud services or reoccurring fees.

WebRelay Features

  • One, 12-Amp relay
  • Automatic reboot
  • Customizable ping settings:
    • Pings network device (i.e., camera)
    • Number of ping request before reboot
    • Time before first ping is sent after startup
  • Remote manual reboot
  • Built-in web interface
  • Simple setup
  • No scripting required
  • Optional Features:
    • Monitor switch-closure sensor (i.e., door sensor) via digital input
    • Control one remote relay

How to automatically reboot an IP camera using WebRelay:

  • Connect WebRelay directly to the IP camera’s power.
  • Power WebRelay and connected it to the same network as the IP camera.
  • Enter WebRelay’s IP address to access its built-in setup and control pages
  • Configure WebRelay’s network and automatic reboot settings
  • After setup, WebRelay automatically begins pinging the IP address of the camera, or any other network device.
  • If there is a series of ping failures, WebRelay will automatically power cycle the camera.

IP Camera Auto Reboot Example

In this example, an IP surveillance camera on a mobile security trailer is connected to the relay on our WebRelay module. WebRelay is connected to a network and is configured, by the user, to ping the camera every 60 seconds to ensure it is running properly.

Automatic Reboot Settings

If the ping request fails, WebRelay is configured to then send out another ping request after 10 seconds and if that request also fails, it will automatically reboot the camera. It will then wait another 120 seconds after the camera reboots before sending out another ping.

WebRelay Control Page

All ControlByWeb products are stand-alone devices with a built-in web server, which allows you to access and control the device from a standard web browser without the need to go through any cloud servers. Aside from the auto reboot features, on the WebRelay control page, you can also remotely reboot the camera by turning the camera on or off.

Use our free, CBW-Mobile app to monitor and control any ControlByWeb device(s) on one central control panel.

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