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X-600M Control & Logic Walkthrough

Not only can LUA scripts be used on the X-600M, but Conditional and Calendar events can be set up. This video walks you through the basics.

Video Transcript

Next, we come to the Control/Logic tab. Here, I can specify Conditional Events, but I can also upload LUA scripts, as well Conditional Events. You can think of these as your “if” statements. You can see I’ve already created some simple Conditional Events, but if I want to add more events, I can come to the add new event button in the top right hand corner. I can specify its name and description, the type, whether it’s digital analog, or if I want to do a complex or a simple script. I can do that here and then for our actions, you can think of the conditional events as our “if” statement and then our actions will then be our “then” statement. So, I can come in and I can specify a new action and I can associate that to an event source which was previously created under conditional events.

I skipped over this part, but next we have Calendar events here. We can view any scheduled tasks that we would like to have on the X-600M. Here we have a list view but we can come to the switch view, and this will display in a month, week, or day format, so we can view all of our events in an easy to view window.

Last, we can come to the scripts section, under the Control/Logic section, Here, I can add and delete any LUA scripts that I want to add on the X-600M for custom control logic. If I would like to add a new LUA script to the X-600M, I can come to the top right hand corner add a new script and I can upload that here.

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