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  • X-410™ | Edge Programmable Controller

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    Simplify any industrial application with the X-410™—no code necessary. Automation is easy with its web-based interface, intuitive drop-down menus, and logic editor. Integrate different devices, sensors, and protocols to create a cohesive system that responds intelligently to changing conditions. Control lights, sensors, and more with built-in I/O and expandable modules.

    4 Relays

    4 Digital Inputs

    Up to 16 Temp Sensors

    WiFi is Now Available. Note that X-410W models include WiFi capability which allows for more flexibility and cost savings for your application.

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  • Temperature and humidity probe

    Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Probe)

    The X-DTHS-P is a new temperature and humidity sensor probe which is used in conjunction with many of the 400-Series, X-600M, and WebRelay-Wireless products. Temperature and humidity are accurately measured, digitized, and sent to the ControlByWeb module over a serial 1-Wire Bus.

    Temperature Range: -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 180°F)

    Temperature Accuracy: ±0.4°C (typ 0°C to 80°C)

    Lead Length: 10ft (3.04m)

    Type: Digital 1-Wire (Maxim Semiconductor DS18B20)

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  • 5VDC Water Sensor

    5VDC Water Sensor

    Prevent undetected water damage from leaking pipes and water heaters. Using no mechanical parts, the GRI Water Sensors are triggered by a moisture bridge across the sensor contacts.

    Will Detect Any Conductive Non-Flammable Liquid

    Automatic Reset

    6 Foot Jacketed Lead Standard

    Detects liquids of 1/16″ in depth

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  • GRI-28C Magnetic Sensor

    GRI-28C Indoor Magnetic Contact Sensor

    Remotely monitor magnetic contact-closure sensors using ControlByWeb modules. The GRI Closure Sensors can be installed on most doors, windows, cabinets, security/control boxes, and more.

    Terminal Location: Bottom

    Circuit Types:N/O or N/C

    Gap Distance: 1″ (5/8″ on steel)

    Automatic Reset

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Real-time server room temperature monitoring and datacenter temperature monitoring plus logging of server room status and temperature using a standard web browser on your computer or phone! Monitor and control many aspects of a server room including temperaturedoor status, lights, alarms, etc. with ControlByWeb® devices – Receive email and text alerts, as well as log and graph the events over time.

Monitor and control ControlByWeb devices using an IP network. All of our products have a built-in web server, and do not require any cloud services, software, or drivers! There are no service or reoccurring fees.


  • Monitor temperature
  • Moisture detection
  • Control alarms, lights, locks, etc.
  • Email/text alerts
  • Use existing network wiring
  • And much more…

Monitoring Server Room Equipment

In this example, the X-410 is being used for server room temperature monitoring and water leak detection using temperature sensors and a water leak sensor. It also monitors and logs when the server room door is opened or closed. It has a local alarm bell connected to one of the X-410’s relays.

Text/Email Temperature Alerts

If the temperature of the data center, server, or server room exceeds a user-specified threshold, the water detector is triggered, or if the server room door is opened after-hours, the alarm will sound an an email/text alert will be sent to the appropriate personnel.

Unlimited Monitoring & Control Options

There are unlimited ways the X-410 can monitor and control a server room. You can also use the X-410 to control the temperature of the server room, this allows for immediate action if the server room’s temperature exceeds a user-specified threshold.

No Cloud Services or Monthly Fees

ControlByWeb products are stand-alone, independent devices. There are no monthly fees, and no additional software to install.

You can also use our free, CBW-Mobile app to access, control, and monitor multiple ControlByWeb devices on one central control panel.

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