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Overview of ControlByWeb Products

This video highlights our products main features such as remote monitoring and control, embedded programming software, industry-best 5-year warranty, Peer-to-Peer communication and more.

Video Transcript

With ControlByWeb, you can monitor and control anything, anytime, anywhere. We have been engineering, designing, and manufacturing IIoT-enabled industrial controls in the USA since 1999. We do this all under one roof, so we can offer exceptional in-house technical support and create a higher-quality, built-to-last product that better serves the needs of our customers. That’s why our programmable controllers come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Most of our devices are a logic controller, data logger, I/O card, and network gateway in one small but powerful package. Each includes an easy-to-use interface on embedded software that you can access through your web browser so that no additional software is required. For example, this user-interface includes a Task Manager where you can set up on-board control logic with simple drop-down menus. This makes installing, programming, and operating controls faster and easier.

ControlByWeb IIoT devices offer a variety of communication protocols and can be easily integrated into your existing setup, while also being capable enough to create a stand-alone control system. Our devices communicate to each other using authenticated Peer-to-Peer communication over IP networks so you can monitor and control anything, anytime, anywhere.

While our devices do not need a cloud to operate, our optional ControlByWeb Cloud simplifies remote access and data logging while streamlining multi-device management. Because of our embedded software, our control modules don’t even require a network connection. When connected, however, they can send email alerts, communicate with other ControlByWeb devices, and send data to your own server – making them true IIoT Edge devices.

At ControlByWeb, we focus on making reliable, more flexible, easier-to-use industrial controls for our customers. Contact us to let us know how we can help you.

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